Student Success Stories

Premal tells his story of going from a TLC student to a TLC tutor.

Prof. Kovac, geometry teacher at Columbia Secondary School, talks about a student from 2021-2022 shool year: 

"When I think of the impact of TLC on my students this year, I immediately think of a student who joined our school community in his freshman year, and did not technically have credit for Algebra 1, yet he had been programmed for Geometry.  Throughout the 1st marking period, he consistently scored in the bottom quartile of the class in tests and quizzes.   He eventually completed homework assignments, but he would get so many questions wrong, and it was a steep learning curve.  We needed an intervention for this student - and enter TLC.  

The TLC tutors were available for my students remotely this year; but this student logged in from home and really was open to the technology and the tutors' assistance.  Over the course of the year, this student logged in 19 times and spent sometimes an hour with a tutor.  

I truly believe that the TLC program helped the student with content, but also managing the courseload and scaffolding how to study independently.  His test scores improved steadily during the year, and if the Regents is an indicator of growth, this student's Regents score at the end of the year was the median test score of my students.  

I believe that TLC brought this student up from the first quartile to the second.  And that's with just 19 occurrences of tutoring throughout the year!  I'm so grateful for TLC!"