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Columbia University’s Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) is a tutoring program created to improve high-school students' academic performance in math and overall college readiness. Columbia University students are trained as tutors for students in partner schools focusing on providing individualized, high-quality after-school tutoring that complements and supports education in the classroom and aims to narrow the achievement gap. 


How We Do It

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With Technology

We create collaborative tech-enabled learning spaces, in person and virtually, for tutors and students to learn and work together.

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With Tutors

We rigorously train our Columbia University tutors to empower high school students in math and social - emotional learning skills

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With Partners

We build partnerships with our schools and teachers to tailor tutoring to the existing school's curriculum

Our Goals

  • Provide face-to-face and online math tutoring of the highest quality to high school students in public schools in the Harlem neighborhood.
  • Create a vibrant, inclusive, and supportive community that fosters academic achievement and intellectual development for both high school students and tutors.
  • Partner with teachers to ensure that our services complement and support education in the classroom.
  • Train our tutors and provide ongoing supervision and mentoring so that they can become excellent teachers and role-models.
  • Evaluate our program rigorously so as to improve our services as quickly and effectively as possible.
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Become a Tutor

Interested in becoming a tutor? We offer paid positions to Columbia and Barnard students. 

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Meet our Tutors

Our tutors are Columbia and Barnard students who are trained and closely supervised by our professional staff. They provide homework help, support for improvement in basic skills, and mentoring.