Spotlight on Technology

Third Party Technology Integrations

Mathspace Logo

Mathspace is an adaptive math software that TLC uses in training and tutoring sessions. “Access the Power of Personalized Math Teaching.  By giving step-by-step support, students and tutors feel safe to make mistakes, learn from them and ultimately develop a growth mindset.



GoBoard Logo

Used by 500+ universities, tutoring companies, and individual teachers/tutors and students, GoBoard is the premier online tutoring platform that combines video conferencing with an interactive canvas.



Oculus Logo

Partnering with GoBoard, some TLC tutors and students can tutor and learn in virtual reality. Using Oculus 2, tutors and students can connect in a VR classroom, draw on a virtual blackboard, and manipulate shapes in all multiple dimensions.  The fall semester TLC showcased in school VR demos. In the spring of 2022, TLC will have a pilot where students and tutors connect in one-on-one and group settings in the virtual world. 



Bespoke Technology: TLC’s In-House Apps

Using a low code developer platform, Quickbase, the TLC has built three in-house applications to track and monitor key performance indicators of our tutoring program. TLC developed these apps over the last six years to maximize student and tutor achievement. Our partner schools and teachers receive weekly updates with insights into their student’s tutoring experience, which helps inform their classroom practice.

Student raising hand in front of laptop